If on New Year’s Eve you promised yourself that you would start training and nothing came out of that, don’t worry. It is now the perfect time to start your adventure with the gym, and when you plan your activities well, you will welcome the summer in great shape. How to do it? Read the tips of the CityFit personal trainer and take up the #cityfitsummerbody challenge!


Most of us to not keep New Year’s resolutions. Therefore, if you have been sleeping over the first months of the new year, you are no exception. There is nothing to ponder, we just have to act, especially because summer is approaching fast. The good news is that it is the perfect moment to start, because 1. training regularly and keeping the diet is much easier when it is warm and sunny outside, 2. ten-twelve weeks is enough to visibly improve your body. So how do you start in order to persevere?

1. A good start

– At the beginning, take photos and measure the circumferences of your body. Let this be your reference point, thanks to which you will see the effects of your work. Pay little regard to weight, but watch how your body changes for the better under the influence of training. – advises Michał Bukraba, an accredited trainer of the CityFit fitness club network.

Look for a training partner. It can be a friend, a buddy, a sibling or a partner. You will motivate and support each other in times of doubt, and spend a nice time together as well.

2. Do not be afraid to be a rookie. Remember that everyone you see at the gym once came here for the first time. So don’t be ashamed when you don’t know what to do and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. It is really natural and will not surprise anyone. Take advantage of beginner classes. CityFit clubs organize IntroFit, i.e. special introductory meetings for new people, where they get to know the club’s zones and the equipment available there as well as the rules for the correct and safe use of machines and devices.

3. Have a plan. Plan your week in advance, including all workouts in it.

– I advise my clients to adopt 3 variants: minimum, i.e. training 1-2 times a week, optimum – 3 times a week, and maximum, in which they train 4-6 times a week depending on their level of advancement. It is important that each week they implement at least a minimum variant. – says Michał Bukraba.

Connect workouts at the gym with outdoor sports (running, cycling), so that your activity will be more varied. By the way, you will enjoy nice weather… and get a little bit of tan.

4. Choose the right workout. Thanks to this, you will achieve your goals faster.

– People who want to lose weight before holidays will find cardio training, HIIT training and strength training most effective. Each of them will eventually lead to the burning of body fat and improve the appearance of the body. We can choose one of them or use them alternately. In each case, consistency is the key to success. I recommend cardio for beginners, whereas the other 2 forms are for more advanced ones.– says CityFit trainer.

5. Do not spoil the effects with the wrong diet. A diet that is too high in calories as well as the one where you eat too little (then the body receives the “starve” signal and begins to store fat) are equally harmful. Eat 5 light meals throughout the day. Take care of their regularity as it is a real key to success. Do not take too long breaks. Plan meals every 3 hours and keep this schedule – you can set a reminder on your phone. The number of calories you need will be calculated on special calculators available on the internet.

6. Take advantage of professional support.

– The help of a personal trainer is by far the best way to achieve results in a short time. You cannot always afford to purchase a personal training package, but sometimes a one-time consultation, during which the professional will measure our “initial status”, define training goals and set up a workout that will help us achieve them, is enough. CityFit members can use such consultations free of charge on every last Thursday of the month. – adds Michał Bukraba.

7. Take up the challenge and collect rewards. The #cityfitsummerbody action is taking place in CityFit clubs. The club members undertake specially prepared training challenges, helping them to prepare their bodies for the summer, and receive additional rewards.

Details are available on the website www.cityfit.pl.



CityFit is a Polish network of innovative fitness clubs, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its mission is to provide club members with full comfort at an attractive price and without having to sign long-term contracts. CityFit clubs are mainly located in city centres, within shopping centres and office buildings in 12 Polish cities. The network currently has 15 locations in 12 cities of Poland and is planning further openings. www.cityfit.pl