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Group classes

Brazilian Butt Workout

An intense lower body workout which firms the buttocks, tightens the things and reduces cellulite.
A high number of repetitions guarantees quick and effective results.


A unique training program which involves the use of maximum force during attacks, as well as ground-based fighting. It can also help learn how to defend against an armed attacker. Classes are co-ed.

Fat Burning Cycling

A fat burning workout that’s perfect for beginners that will help improve your cardiovascular fitness. Its combination of effective cycling exercises improves posture and strengthens the legs, abs and back.

Japanese Stretching

An original Japanese stretching technique which combines modern tools with the tradition and wisdom of hundreds of years of monk practices. It helps to achieve psychosomatic harmony – the proper function of soft tissues during deep relaxation – which is the key to health and flexibility.

Kettlebell Hardstyle

A workout based on kettlebell exercises which increases strength, endurance and overall fitness levels.
Kettlebell trainings encourage weight loss, sculpts muscles and burns fat.

Lady Squat

A set of exercises designed to sculpt the lower parts of the body. This workout will help you achieve a tighter butt, slimmer thighs, and improve muscle strength and flexibility. It also helps to fight cellulite, and encourages fat burning processes.


Mobility classes aim to improve the mobility and flexibility of various muscle groups and to increase your overall capabilities to help you in your day-to-day activities.
Thanks to these exercises, you will improve the range of motion of your joints, reduce muscle tension and improve your coordination.


A fun workout based on a variety of techniques and styles of dance such as modern dance, Latino, jazz, funk, hip hop, dancehall and twerk! It helps to build your sense of rhythm, as well as improve your physical coordination and fitness levels. Plus, you get to experience new and interesting choreography!


This workout focuses on back pain prevention through teaching proper body posture and strengthening weaker muscles. It engages the muscles used to stabilize the back, while improving abdominal and gluteal strength.

Street Workout

A popular calisthenics workout based on natural movements using your own body weight, such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, dips and crunches. Involving many muscle groups, it works to harmoniously develop your physique and increase overall body strength.

TBC – Total Body Conditioning

A total body aerobic workout involving a high number of repetitions.  It works to perfectly shape the butt, hips, thighs, arms, abs and chest. The hour-long workout ends with a short stretch to relax and calm the body.


TRX suspension rope training increases muscle strength and endurance, regardless of skill levels.  This type of training allows you to use your own body weight and control the intensity of each exercise, which ensures fast and effective results.


In Colombian slang, ZUMBA means “have fun and move.”  It’s a total body workout combining Latin rhythms with an innovative exercise routine. Moving to the steps of the merengue, salsa, cumbia, samba, flamenco, tango, cha-cha, rumba, you will twist and sculpt your body and end up feeling great. And don’t worry – you don’t have to know any moves!