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Group classes

Abs and Glutes Attack

Attack your abs, hips and thighs with this effective workout!  If your goal is to flatten your stomach, tone your thighs and sculpt your buttocks, then these classes are for you!

Active Body

Stretching your muscles is not only a good way to relieve stress, but also an effective method for toning your body. These classes are especially recommended for people who spend most of their day sitting-down and have difficulties in losing excess weight.

Body Pump

Looking for a great alternative to traditional gym workouts? This energetic workout will increase the functional strength of your muscles, as well as strengthen and shape your entire body. It will help sculpt your muscles without any unnecessary weight gain!

Cardio & Shape

This intense total body workout carefully combines elements of cardio with strength training exercises to increase your heart rate and maximize fat loss. It also helps to improve balance, coordination and teamwork.

City Cross

City Cross involves condensed forms of movement aimed at improving strength, endurance, and physical fitness.

Fit Ball

A total body workout with the use of exercise and medicinal balls. It helps to strengthen the postural muscles, relieve the spine, improve balance and boost your overall physical fitness.

Fit Body

Strengthen, shape and tone your body with this combination interval training workouts. It’s specially designed for anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their overall physical fitness.
Find your inner harmony and peace while improving strength and endurance with the use of typical yoga asanas. This workout helps to slim the body, increase muscle flexibility, boost the metabolism, reduce stress and improve immunity and overall health.

High Interval

This short interval training workout is based on switching up levels of exercise intensity. It was specifically designed for athletes looking to improve their strength, power and speed. Another advantage? It helps to significantly burn body fat. Does it sound too good to be true? Come see for yourself!

Morning Wrokout

This workout focuses on shaping the body through engaging all muscle groups. It combines exercises with and without additional equipment.  A large number of repetitions intensively works the muscles, strengthening and toning the body. This will be a truly great start to your morning!

Perfect Body

This total body workout does it all: it strengthens, sculpts, and firms all the muscle groups to give you a great body. The combination of both shoulder and leg exercises along with a high number of repetitions, as well as elements of cardio, makes this an intense and effective workout.