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Group classes

ABT (Abs, Buttocks and Thighs)

A strengthening and shaping workout focused on problematic areas. It helps flatten the stomach, tighten your butt and tone your thighs, strengthening the lower muscle groups.

Boxing with Elements of Self-Defense

Enhance your self-defense skills and improve your physical fitness with the simple yet effective moves that boxing, judo, and karate have to offer.

CF Boxing

Learn how to defend yourself from a stronger attacker with the CF Boxing self-defense system. These classes are for anyone interested in learning effective self-defense techniques for high-risk situations.

City Cross

City Cross involves condensed forms of movement aimed at improving strength, endurance, and physical fitness.

Indoor Cycling

An indoor cycling workout on Tomahawk stationary bikes designed for those at intermediate and advanced levels.
It greatly encourages fat burning and improves your strength and overall physical fitness.