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Group classes


This athletic workout combines boxing punches and kicks. It holistically develops your motor skills and improves strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, your sense of rhythm, and also benefits mental traits such as stress management and self-esteem.

Brazilian Butt Workout

An intense lower body workout which firms the buttocks, tightens the things and reduces cellulite.
A high number of repetitions guarantees quick and effective results.


Dance along to the rhythms of Sean Paul and others in this Jamaican Dancehall themed workout! With its many steps and loads of hip shaking, the dance has a soothing effect on both the mind and body. We welcome both men and women to enjoy this energizing class!

Fat Burning

A high-intensity workout specifically designed to burn fat!

Fit Body

Strengthen, shape and tone your body with this combination interval training workouts. It’s specially designed for anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their overall physical fitness.
Find your inner harmony and peace while improving strength and endurance with the use of typical yoga asanas. This workout helps to slim the body, increase muscle flexibility, boost the metabolism, reduce stress and improve immunity and overall health.