You know those people, who give you power to act whenever you see them? They’re always fully involved in everything they do. They talk about their passions with such devotion, that it’s impossible to listen without interest, even if the subject is completely unfamiliar to us. These are true idols!

Our new segment, CityFit Idol, will introduce you to these idols.

There are many heroes at CityFit – many wonderful people who motivate and inspire. We have real Idols. And we’re not just talking about sports achievements here – these personalities inspire everyone.

Meet our first CityFit Idol, Stanisław! The CityFit Lublin club member, who’s 72 years old, works out almost every day! And when he’s not working out, he enjoys sculpting and drawing.

Everybody at CityFit Lublin knows him and speaks of him warmly and positively. Stanisław gives everyone high-fives, great advice, and helps out with exercises. He’s a man with an insanely positive soul!

Visit our CityFit Idol website and find out more!

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