Here’s another A-Z post with up-to-date news – sometimes funny, but always true. Enjoy!

A – Anthropology – a scientific field. Thanks to this field, you can learn about different body types and what dietary and workout recommendations are best for each.

B – BCAA – complex chemical amino acids. During exhausting workouts, BCAA’s are necessary to help keep our muscles in good condition.

C – Bicycle ergometer – a fancy name for a stationary bike (a cardio machine). There are two types of ergometers at our clubs: vertical and horizontal.

D – Pride – your first 100kg bench press, your first MuscleUp, the first time you were in the front row of a Zumba class, running your first marathon. Everyone is proud of something, and everyone’s pride is unique. Be proud!

E – Electrolytes – the more you sweat, the more you need them. You should get them not only from colorful beverages but also from vegetables and fruits and highly mineralized waters.

F – FitQuest – the best machine for controlling your overall fitness. You will find it in every CityFit club – 5 tests. 4 minutes. Hundreds of solutions.

H – Hammer – hammer machines are plate-loaded machines (a sort of machine/free-wright hybrid). They’re available at every CityFit club.

I – Interval – workouts with varied intensities. The best way to improve your endurance.

J – Uniform – the same pace kept throughout an entire set is the basis for a well-done training session (in terms of quality).

K – Dinner – people say that your last meal should be at 18:00 and not a minute later. Actually, your last meal should be 2 hours before bedtime.

L – Liter – on average, an adult has 5 liters of blood.

M – Mitochondria – the “engines” inside your muscle cells. The better nourished they are, the better the cell/muscle is.

N – Overweight – a symptom that indicates a need to reduce your body weight. There are three types of being overweight.

O – Obesity – a serious problem where looking “fat” is the least of your worries.

P – Personal – workout. Believe me, this is the best investment into personal development, knowledge, and satisfaction. I highly recommend it.

R – RotaryTorso –the name of a machine used to train your abdominal muscles. The machine is completely safe to use and doesn’t put a strain on your back. It is available at every CityFit club.

S – Series – determines the volume of exercises in a given program. Repetitions indicate a program’s intensity.

T – Fat – the lightest and most efficient energy source. 1g of fat = 9kcal.

U – Loss – as in weight-loss. It doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with toning your body. But fat burning does ?

W – Stamina – one of your body’s motor features. It determines the speed at which you’re capable of burning fat.

Z – Take – As in, always take: sportswear, your trainers, a towel, 2 PLN for water and a good attitude.