You might learn something. Maybe I’ll surprise you. Or make you laugh. But it is definitely worth finding out how much do you know about the “World of Training”!

A – Amino-acids – they are like bricks which build proteins in our body. They speed-up muscle regeneration after training, and, in certain situations, could even be a source of energy. Some of them contribute to the breakdown of body fat and even strengthen the immune system.

B – Bodybuilding (method) – one of the oldest and best training methods used to build muscle mass. It differs from other training methods mainly because the variable in this workout is weight, which increases with each successive training.

C – Time – keep it in mind when planning your goal and picking deadlines. This could be an additional source for auto-motivation.

D – Nap – some people can’t wait to take one, some try to ignore them. Anyway, a fifteen minutes nap during the day could be better than the strongest espresso.

E – Effects – everyone has different expectations, but all effects have to be measured. If you want to burn fat – weight control is not enough. If you’re building muscles, increasing strength or fitness – everything should be measured, but in the best possible parameters.

F – Fitness – everybody knows that word. It doesn’t mean “only for women” though, gents. It’s a great idea for cardio.

G – Flexibility – one of our body’s motor features. It’s the ability to achieve a high amplitude (range) in the performed movements.

H – Dumbbells – training tools, weights – the name comes from Swedish.

I – Glycemic Index – it tells us which carbohydrate should and should not be eaten when a good figure is our priority.

J – Quality – when it comes to training, people often confuse it with the spectacularism… Remember: the more precise you are, the better. Everything will come with time.

K – Calorie – a Unit of Energy. Formerly defined as the amount of heat required to warm up 1 g of pure water at a pressure of 1 atmosphere by 1°C from 14.5 to 15.5°C.

L – Liter – preferably 2 liters per 24 h. I’m talking about water, of course.

Ł – Mild – or spicy? Choose the first one when seasoning your favorite dishes. For the sake of your digestive system.

M – Muscle Up – a flagship exercise in gymnastics. Mastering it is the culmination of a certain stage in ones’ training. It shows control over the mass of one’s own body.

N – Never – do an exercise if you do not know what the correct technique is. You could end up with an injury, and it’s also a waste of your time.

O – Put the weights back where they belong – not only to relieve the club manager, but to make it easier to work out, and not spend over 15 minutes trying to find a dumbbell.

P – Process – it is everything that will contribute to you achieving your goal.

R – Towel – and using during trainings. This isn’t just some fancy rule. It’s a standard. There isn’t a fitness club that does not require this. Remember to bring a towel before the club staff has to remind you.

S – Salt – the less of it in your diet, the better. Do you know that, for example, Provence herbs are a good substitute? And they’re not the only one.

T – Tests – do not be afraid to do them. Particularly when your trainings are supposed to end with some kind of a test, such as a marathon. Each of your goals is, in its own way, some form of a test.

U – Injury – actually micro-injuries, that sore muscle feeling after a workout, are a part of muscle adaptation.

W – Liver – it doesn’t just clean, it also metabolizes. By weakening it, you weaken your training progress.

Z – ZMA – an excellent supplement especially recommended for those who maintain regular trainings. It improves the metabolism and the functioning of the muscles, bones, and joints.