Have you ever thought about that undeniable fact? Polish language grammar doesn’t lie – the noun “gym” in our mother tongue is feminine. Yes, dear ladies. Don’t deny it. You have to admit – the gym is a place for women. So let’s elaborate that thought and find the reasons why we should be visiting “our” place.

How many times have you promised yourself to change something? How many times have you entered the new year with “new year – new me” resolutions? The pressure that we all feel is unbelievable. Crowded fitness clubs, the growing popularity of sports clothing brands, an increased demand for personal trainers – these are just some examples of what we see happen every January. How many goals have you achieved from today’s perspective (March 8th, 2017)? 0%, 50%, or maybe 75%? Doesn’t matter – do something for yourself and try again. Don’t give up on the first failure. Do you remember how your dad taught you to ride a bike on two wheels? How many times did you fall? How many times did you get up? Did the fall make you stop learning, and you still can’t ride a bike? Is your answer no? Then don’t give up so easily when you skip your workout, fail a week of your diet, or have a bad mood and just don’t want to do anything. Did elementary school allow you to give up on learning multiplication? It didn’t. So don’t let your days go by. Live your life with 100% of its benefits.

Rule number 1: Demand things from yourself! Physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, and a sensible diet can complete your day. Start thinking this way – have positive energy, fight for yourself and be happy. It seems so easy, doesn’t it? It’s not. Being good to yourself is one of the biggest challenges of everyday life. Work, chores, your husband, children, family, friends, evening/weekend attractions and entertainment. You’re the one in control of all of that. But how can you manage everything? Let’s start a new chapter…

It’s Wednesday. Don’t wait for Monday – pack your workout bag right away. Yeah, the bag which is hidden deep in the bottom of your closet together with other rarely used items. It’s a bit dusty, but let’s not talk about that. Go online and look for the best and most innovative fitness club offering the best price, open 24 hours a day, so you won’t use your first excuse – no time – before your first visit, and just go workout! But how? Just like that. Call your friend if you don’t want to go alone, involve your husband or boyfriend to help you with the first steps. The point is not to feel lonely and lost in a big fitness club. It’s not hard to feel that way, really. Remember, everyone had to start somewhere. You’re not alone. Choose a gym where the staff will show you around, explain how to use the equipment, show the way to the locker room, and present the gym’s basic rules. Do you feel a bit more ready? Maybe not, but try to overcome your fears for your own good. Go to the gym – even if it’s just to look around, or sit on a mat for the first time. Get into your gym clothes and don’t be afraid to ask questions. People will be happy to help you – seriously! Check out the club’s offer. Maybe you’re interested in fitness exercises? Zumba, TBC, City Pump, Bikini Boot Camp and Thai Boxing – you’ll certainly find something you’ll love. Search, explore. Maybe your friend will like it too? A good training partner, especially at the beginning of your gym adventure, is a treasure – I know this from experience. He or she will motivate you, remind you about working out, share a healthy recipe with you, and above all, you’ll have fun together. Don’t have anybody like that? No worries. Maybe a personal trainer? Go to the club website, search for the fitness trainer tab…yup…you’re almost there … yes! You’ve found them, now give them a call or email. No, not tomorrow – do it now! What are you going to say? “Good morning, I’d like to start going to the gym. I want to lose weight/I want to strengthen my body and I need help because I don’t know how to do it”. Was that so bad? You’ve already taken the first, second, and even third step. Once you’re at the gym, you should remember some rules – save them on your phone in case you forget.

Find your “space” – a place where you feel comfortable. Nobody tells you to go directly to the “big guy” zone. In the beginning I really avoided that area – but today, I feel comfortable there. Note that a well-arranged fitness club has a designated space for both men and women. This doesn’t mean that you’ll see a “big guy zone” and “women’s zone” sign, but you should be able to feel a difference. Find your place, even if it’s in a hidden corner of the club. You’re doing this for yourself, so you need to feel comfortable.

Look for motivation and inspiration. Facebook, Instagram – ever heard of these? Start using them! Find some profiles that inspire you, there are plenty. Photos of food, workouts, instructional videos. It’s all at your fingertips.

Keep up your enthusiasm. Don’t be fooled by those who bring you down. Are you motivated by photos of homemade healthy meals? Great, start to brag yourself. Take pics, upload them to social media, and don’t worry about what others think. If they don’t want to see your photos, they can unsubscribe! Are you inspired by selfie photos taken after a workout? Take as many as possible, let others wait in line to the mirror :-). Do what you have to do in terms of motivation. Don’t look at others – you’re doing this for yourself, not for them.

Make short and long-term goals. You know how to do it… I’ll lose 5kg, I’ll lose 5cm at the waist. Or make an appointment with an accredited personal trainer if you can’t do it yourself. They will help you, but watch out for those who work with minimum engagement for maximum profit. A good trainer will give you 100% of his/her attention, will improve your movements, and won’t be on the phone discussing things not related to your workout.

You just entered the road to success. It definitely won’t be a straight road – rather, it’ll be curvy and bumpy. I believe that you can do it. You are worth it, and this one day, this one decision, can change your whole life. Maybe it’s worth taking a chance for a better tomorrow? So cheesy, but so real. This is how it was with me.

Dear Ladies,

I’m rooting for you! I hope have the courage for this challenge, perseverance in pursuit of your goal, the ability to enjoy little successes, and I hope that one day you’ll be able to experience the huge satisfaction that comes with making changes for the better.

Don’t look at others – your goal is being the best version of yourself. Good luck, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for each and every one of you! See you at the gym!