Do you know what needs to be done first when building a house? You don’t have to be an architect to know the answer – you have to lay the foundations down. That’s exactly what an introductory training is – it’s a foundation, and it’s best for people who have just started their gym adventure. From my experience as a personal trainer, I would say that this is the most important period and can have a long-term impact on the speed and persistence of your progress. By providing a professional description of the program structure, I’d like to indicate how important it is and explain some of the most commonly made mistakes.

Who’s this program for?

First of all, you should not have any health problems when you’re about to begin training, as they could be worsened by exercise. If you have any doubts concerning your health while reading this article, you should definitely contact a professional. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a doctor, but it’s always good to ask somebody who’s more educated in health-related topics, even a personal trainer.

The program is for both, men and women. The purpose of the exercises is to harmoniously increase muscle growth, improve blood circulation and speed up your metabolism. Its universal nature makes it perfect for both sexes.

I advise you to sign up for the Introductory classes before starting working out on your own. It will be a fantastic opportunity to get to know the structure of your future workout spot. Our Gym Assistants will show you how to set the machines up, change loads or perform exercises in a safe way. What’s more, you’ll get to know the do’s and don’ts at the gym (why we use towels, what to do when somebody’s occupying a machine but not exercising etc.). You can always ask one of our Gym Assistants for help, but remember that they’re not personal trainers. Although, they can tell you where you’ll find more help.

Training structure

Let’s start with a vertical cycle ergometer, i.e. a stationary bike, for a warm up. It is a very easy and non-invasive method to prepare (mostly your heart) for the actual training.

Then, 5 exercises which use resistance machines. For the first two weeks, you’ll work out only on 4 machines. By the third week, you add a fifth one. The training stimulates large muscle parts – your chest muscles, upper and lower back muscles, abdomen muscles and your legs.

Finish with a cardio workout, which will boost your fitness level and improve your metabolism. Ten minutes don’t seem like much, but the elliptical machine is demanding. It forces you to use your upper limbs, shoulder, lower limbs and hips muscles.

Individual training parameters

You should choose your loads on your own. Let’s assume that you’re doing the first exercise from the list – LowRow – a machine for working out your back. The training consists of 3 series; 8 repetitions each. The load shouldn’t be too heavy. You should feel like you have enough strength left for 3-4 more repetitions after the first set. Keep that ratio in all of the 3 sets. Got it?

Breaks between certain sets and exercises are also a very individual issue. Generally, it should be around 45 to 90 seconds.

In order to see the effects of the work you put in, you need to schedule a minimum number of trainings per week. Below, I listed 3 perfect schedule options:

Basic (2/7)

  • Monday – workout
  • Tuesday, Wednesday – off
  • Thursday – workout
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday – off

Optimal (3/7)

  • Monday – workout
  • Tuesday – off
  • Wednesday – workout
  • Thursday – off
  • Friday – workout
  • Saturday, Sunday – off

Advanced (4/7)

  • Monday – workout
  • Tuesday – workout
  • Wednesday – off
  • Thursday – workout
  • Friday – workout
  • Saturday, Sunday – off

Additional tips

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. At the gym, you can find a lot of people who have once been in the same spot that you’re in now. You’re laying down the foundations so you can be less strict with yourself, but not when it comes to consistency. Don’t worry if some of the other beginners progress faster than you do. Workouts do not make us equal –their main objective is your own, personal, equal and harmonious development.

Good luck! You’ve made the right choice.