Many people think that hiring a personal trainer is expensive. That’s just an excuse. Most people don’t even bother finding out how much a single training session with a trainer costs. They’re afraid of opening up to a stranger, and they’re not quite sure what a personal training session looks like. A good specialist will initially interview you, and you’ll be asked to conduct a few basic tests so that they may assign a proper diet for you. Perhaps, the initial test results will show that your weight problem isn’t because of a bad diet – it could be because of hormone imbalances. Sometimes, proper medical treatment is all it takes. Sounds good, right? During the interview, you tell the personal trainer what you like to eat, and what isn’t your favorite. On the basis of this, you will be given a diet plan suited to your needs. You’ll be given an individually-prepared diet plan – not just something that has been copied and pasted off the internet. You’ll see for yourself how easy it is to stick to a diet when it consists of the foods you actually enjoy eating.

A good personal trainer will not only give you a proper training program, but they’ll go over it with you so that you learn the proper techniques when doing each exercise. Moreover, a personal trainer will get you motivated and you’ll work even harder. There’s a reason why many of our clients continue to train with our personal trainers for years. They even become good friends in the process! A good personal trainer is someone you can trust.

If you are a fitness novice or someone who’s been battling to lose weight for some time, and you already know that you’re not going to reach your goals because the numerous failed attempts have left you completely demotivated – a personal trainer is exactly what you need! To make things easier for you, every last Thursday of the month is Personal Trainer Day here at CityFit. You can have free consultations with our Accredited Trainers and conduct tests on our Tanita devices. If you consistently listen to your trainer and give your best, I’m positive that you’ll be able to reach your goals.

This was my last post for this series. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope you achieve that “dream bod” you’ve always wanted! ?