Do you remember when you were making your New Year’s resolutions towards the end of December? You were able to visualize a new, sporty figure for yourself for the summer of 2017. You took the first steps in the right direction; you bought a gym membership and even went on a diet. Do you remember how hyped you were during your first few training sessions? But then… You got lazy. And all your efforts were wasted. Your dreams of having the perfect figure went up in smoke, and in your lack of motivation, you even considered canceling your gym membership. Were these few sentences about you? GREAT! In that case, it’s time to change your way of thinking ?

Up to 70% of active people experience their own crises – so you’re no exception. What’s important is that you’ve made the realization that something isn’t quite right. Now, you’re faced with two options. You can either give it all up and surrender, or you can get a grip and take action. If you’ve read this post this far, then that means you’re a winner. That you hate giving up. You’re even giving me a kick to try and motivate you so that we can reach a mutual target. Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you – I’m a few weeks behind on getting my body beach ready. But guess what? I know I can do it, because I’m not alone! This boat we’re on… it’s full of people, and there’s strength in numbers ?

There’s just about 2 months left until summer. That’s quite a lot of time to try and get flawless figure which you’ll be proudly showing off at the beach. I don’t what weight category you’re starting from – but according to the common principles of proper weight loss, it’s healthy to lose no more than 1 kg per week. If you truly get down to work, you’re capable of losing a few kilos and even toning your body. Sounds good, right? That’s why, if you start today, you’ll rule the beach ? To try and help you achieve this, I’ve prepared a few articles that’ll help you get ready for the summer. They’ll cover such topics as dieting, training, motivation and getting help from personal trainers.

Healthy Eating

Do you know what type of diet is the most effective? The answer is – there isn’t one! You are what you eat. You can’t suddenly drastically reduce your calorie intake, only to go back to your old eating habits after you’ve achieved the body you want. You want to be in shape all year round, and not just for one season, right? Try changing your eating habits during this time. What changes can you make that’ll improve the quality of your meals and help you lose weight without having to follow some sort of online diet all the time?

1) Make an estimate of your daily caloric needs

You can find online calculators that’ll help you estimate your daily caloric needs based on your age, weight, type of work and which exercises you perform. If you want a more professional estimate, visit one of our Certified Trainers during the last Thursday of the month and ask him to take you to the Tanita scales which will help get this caloric estimate. It’s much easier to make a diet plan once you know how much calories you should be eating per day. If your goal is weight loss – then you should be burning more calories than you’re taking in. To be safe – but your caloric intake by 200 kcal. Many people make the same mistake when they Begin dieting – they suddenly start eating half as much as they used to. This is a huge mistake which slows your metabolism and actually makes you store more fat. You only lose weight for a short period of time with such drastic caloric cuts. Eventually, your body will get used to this new diet and your weight won’t keep on dropping anymore. Even if you eat like a mouse, your weight might not budge because your body fears that it is being starved. That’s when you want to decrease your caloric intake even more – but there’s nothing left to decrease. Remember to use your head. There are no shortcuts here.

2) You are what you eat

Remember, weight loss isn’t just about eating less. The quality of what you’re eating is also important. Think about the food you eat as an investment into your overall health. It’s crucial that you provide your body will all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Try to limit fruit that contain a lot of sugar; it’s then stored as fat under your skin. Remember to eat healthy fats, such as those found in nuts, avocados and coconut oil. The things you eat have a huge influence on how you feel, on your complexion, and on your hair and nails. Instead of eating a chocolate bar, how about a whole bunch of health vegetables?

3) Keeping hydrated

Remember to drink at least 3 liters of water per day. Thanks to this, your skin will be radiant and you’ll end up consuming much less calories throughout the day, as our body often confuses hunger with thirst.

4) Limit your alcohol intake

Everyone knows that alcohol consumption isn’t at all beneficial when trying to get a sporty figure. It contains a lot of empty calories and often has a negative influence on your body’s recovery. Many trainers often see an alcohol-fueled weekend as a week of workouts down the drain.

5) Little deviations aren’t bad

Nothing bad is going to happen if once every two weeks, for example, you eat a little cheat meal. You can go and treat yourself to your favorite ice cream or pizza. If you follow a strict diet every day, such cheat meals will not only increase your metabolism, but they’ll also give you a little extra motivation in sticking to your diet.