An individual diet, a tailor-made suit, a custom armchair – but in a workout-related context. I would like to introduce to the Profiled Workouts – these should fit like a glove.

You – our club members – were the inspiration for creating these workouts. Your expectations helped me create the target groups. So, here we have the first Profiled Workouts. I am confident that everyone will find something for themselves. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the options I’ve prepared, with detailed descriptions of each program coming soon.

Mature Decisions – Workouts for 50+

Two workout programs that differ based on their level of difficulty. Our body needs regular activity at every age. That includes people over 50! These exercises must be specially prepared – their amplitude and frequency should be adopted to the biological age of the trainee and their body. The workout’s most important features: safety and pro-health benefits. But also satisfaction from the results you’ll achieve. I guarantee that anyone who starts exercising regularly and in accordance with this plan will notice positive body, energy and metabolism changes, a better figure and improved overall well-being in just 8-10 weeks.

Time is money, but being in shape is priceless – the Business Express Workout

The week has 168 hours. A job, housework, the family, a hobby, and sleep are usually people’s topmost priorities. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s not much time left for working out. This program offers several time variables: 25, 35 and 45 minutes; allowing you to pick which one’s best for the current situation you’re in. Additionally, there are many options to choose from. You can choose weight trainings, aim to burn off some excess fat or a combination of the two.

Biceps, chest, hips and thighs – a well-known classic.

15 years ago, all of my friends wanted to have a bulging chest and a massive biceps. Girls wanted perfectly shaped buttocks, thighs and abs. So, let’s go back to the past trends which never actually went out of style. Three different female workouts will help you attain the perfect “feminine curves”. Three workouts for men will make you look like real-life superheroes. It’s great how some things never change! ?

Fitness PE – 16+

Here’s something for our youngest club members. I have prepared two kinds of workouts for our teens. Both rely on strength training and cardio. Both are interesting. The first workout is based on typical gymnastic exercises (push-ups, squats), and the second one requires the use of professional machines and equipment. But remember, these workouts are there to help you get fit – your health is the most important. But there is no room for boredom. It’ll be fun. Trust me ?