I have some good news. We have managed to prepare a package of fitness programs that ensure that each of you will find something of interest. There’s great joy in tailoring an optimal fitness plan, and great responsibility as well.

I would like to describe this project in a little more detail in this article, how it was created and what we took into account when planning your workouts.


Programs are focused around 3 profiles: Introductory Workouts, Basic Workouts and Profiled Workouts. Their names describe the characteristics of the recipient – to a certain extent. Therefore, Introductory Workouts are for those who are just beginning their experience with fitness. Basic Workouts are for those who would like to maintain their recreational intensity. In the profiled category, you’ll find workouts designed for particular goals.

The Description of the Workout

You will find only necessary points and parameters when looking at a workout program. Each workout begins with tips on how to warm up. The names of exercises or equipment will open a table. Additional help in finding the appropriate training can be found in the color-coded area system. Next, you’ll find information about sequences and the number of repetitions. We have planned a 6-week progression system. There is a progression in the number of sequences and repetitions to ensure that you’re properly “introduced” to the workout program. The only thing that you’ll have to pick yourself will be the weight or resistance. But there’s even more good news – we’ll describe how to do this in specially prepared articles.


The proposed workouts have a very well planned structure and intensity distribution. This means that the most difficult exercises will not be forced into a single workout or session. The proposed sequencing and repetition parameters also protect against over-exercising. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t increase the intensity if you feel you’ve got the strength for it. Just be sure you know what you’re doing. Do not do this at the expense of your health, your training technique or the joy you get from exercising.

Exercise Choice

Most of the exercises are planned for resistance or plate-loaded machines and equipment. Here at CityFit, we have excellent equipment with high ergonomic and safety standards. Thanks to choosing the right exercises, we’ve managed to combine overall attractiveness with safety and effective techniques. Exercises which use free weights or one’s body weight are the most basic, classic workouts.


Imagine that you know how to exercise correctly. You’ve been training for some time now. You know your needs inside-out and have a great sense of what your body is “telling” you during workouts. However, there is always that moment when you don’t know how to get motivated. You get bored. Take a look at our programs. Use them as inspiration. A break from your routine.

The same goes for people who’ve stopped exercising because they don’t have the time or they didn’t see the results they expected. These are just some of the ideas encouraging you to learn more about our workouts.

Training and workout programs can be found on our website:

The following blog entries include detailed descriptions of each workout category.