Anyone starting their adventure with working out at a fitness club faces a tough decision – what type of training should they choose? There are two main types of training:
–FBW – Full Body Workout
– Split – separate exercises for each group of muscles

Beginners or those who have trained before and now returning to physical exercise after a long break should choose FBWs, which involve and train almost all parts of the body. There are a few reasons behind choosing this type of training:

  1. It helps your body get used to increased physical activity
  2. It helps you learn the physical potential of your body
  3. It provides new incentives for your muscles

During a single FBW training session, you target nearly all your muscle groups – thus providing a stimulus for most of the muscles in our body. Additionally, a full-body workout will strengthen your joints and ligaments which, if you’re a beginner, are not used to heavy overloads. Thanks to the functionality and structure of FBW trainings, you will be able to train every muscle group a few times a week and avoid injuries in the future. FBW is also a good option for those who can’t go to the gym too often. Thanks to the characteristics of the training, you will be able to fully use the time you have available.

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The second type of workout is called split training. Generally speaking, it’s a strength-building workout. Due to the use of free weights, it is recommended for people who have experience with working out and are familiar with similar training routines. The split training is characterized mainly by targeting a particular group or groups of muscles during certain days of the week, and because of that it may require making a lot more appearances at the gym. Fortunately, thanks to this training method, it’s much easier to clarify and define the specific purpose of each training session. You can choose which muscle group you want to train and improve. The biggest advantages of split trainings are:

  1. The possibility of a comprehensive workout of a muscle group during a single training session
  2. Perfect for burning fat as well as building muscle
  3. Great for building strength
  4. Evens-out the disparities in body structure

It would be the best if you tried out both of the abovementioned training methods and see which work best for you. However, you should remember that FBW is rather for beginners or those who are coming back to exercising after a long break, while split trainings will be a better option if FBW’s don’t provide the same results they used to.