There is only a couple of weeks left till summer. If you feel that after winter your fitness and body leave a lot to be desired, it is time for a recovery plan. We recommend three types of workouts which increase metabolism and burn fat very well.

“Cardio workouts, HIIT workouts and strength training are the best option for people who wish to lose weight before summer holidays. Each of them will results in burning fat tissue and improvement of physical appearance. We can choose one of them or apply them interchangeably. In each case, consistency is the key. I recommend cardio workouts for beginners, the two other forms of workouts are for more advanced people. Work out at least three times a week, and you will see the difference after 3 weeks”, says Michał Bukraba, an accredited coach at the CityFit fitness club chain.

Cardio is particularly recommended for beginners. It involves long-lasting effort of moderate intensity, which strengthens the endurance of the body. It oxygenates the body, strengthens the heart, and applied several times a week it leads to the loss of unnecessary kilograms. Its most popular forms include jogging (outside or on a treadmill), cycling (at a fitness club it could be group classes, such as spinning), rollerblading or swimming.

HIIT is a High Intensity Interval Workout. It involves intervals, i.e. exercises with variable intensity. It can include any exercises; the essence of this workout is the change in their intensity – interchangeably interweaving very intense exercises with those requiring moderate effort (e.g. cardio). An example of a series: 20 squats with resistance (intense), 30 sit-ups (moderate), 20 lounges with resistance (intense), one minute of cycling (moderate), skipping rope (active break). All should be repeated five times. We rest after completing one series.

HIIT greatly speeds up the metabolism – the effect lasts up to 48 hours after its completion. Therefore, it burns fat extremely effectively and leads to visible effects in a short period of time. Its additional advantage is its short duration – 15-30 minutes. However, it requires certain workout experience or support of a personal trainer who will ensure the workout is done correctly.

Strength training. For men, it is quite an obvious choice, but ladies often give up exercising with more weight due to fear of excessive muscle development. While, training with weights gives great results in figure sculpting and weight loss! You can exercise on resistance machines or with the use of training accessories: kettlebells, barbells or weights. The essence of this form of training involves a small number of repetitions of each exercise (3-8 repetitions in 5-7 sets) with a significant load. It is recommended for more advanced people; beginners should be supported by a personal trainer who will help choose the load and supervise the correct technique is used.

“Support of a personal trainer is definitely the best way to achieve results in a short period of time. We cannot always afford purchasing a package of personal workouts, but sometime one consultation is sufficient during which a professional will measure the “initial condition”, determine workout goals and put together a workout plan that will help us achieve them. CityFit club members can take advantage of such consultations free of charge on every last Thursday in a given month”, – add Michał Bukraba.