Caffeine can have many beneficial effects on our body:

–        Stimulates and awakens

–        reduces fatigue

–        improves blood flow to the brain

–        improves mental functions

–        stimulates your metabolism and the burning of fat

–        reduces muscle fatigue

–        relieves migraine headaches


 Where’s it found?

– coffee

– tea

– cola

– energy drinks

– painkillers

– chocolate


As we know, caffeine is a stimulant – it wakes us up. However, when consumed in excess, it can cause irritability, sleeping problems and even stomach issues. When consumed in moderation – in doses not more than 400 mg per day – caffeine is completely harmless and non-toxic.


With the help of the infographic below, calculate your daily caffeine intake. Remember that it shouldn’t exceed 400 mg per day!


Remember to monitor your caffeine intake!


And some final advice to take away: You shouldn’t drink Turkish coffee (brewed with boiling water) because it increases blood cholesterol levels. Filtered coffee is the healthiest.