If on New Year’s Eve you promised yourself that you will start working out and you failed, do not worry. Now is the right moment to commence your adventure with the gym and if you plan well, you will greet summer in great shape. How to achieve this? Read the instructions provided by a personal trainer at CityFit and take the challenge #CityFitSummerBody!

The majority of us fail to keep our New Year’s resolutions. Therefore, if you slept through the first months of the New Year, you are not an exception. It’s no use crying over spilt milk. You need to act. Especially since summer is going to be here soon. The good news is that it is an ideal moment to start as 1. Consistency in working out and maintaining the correct diet comes much easier when it is warm and sunny outside, 2. ten to twelve weeks is enough to visibly improve your figure. How to start your journey and endure?

1. A good start

“At the beginning, take pictures of your body and measure your body circumferences. This will be your reference point thanks to which you will see the result of your work. Do not look at your weight, but observe how workouts change your body for the better”, advices Michał Bukraba, an accredited coach of the CityFit fitness club chain.

Look for a workout partner. It could be your friend, colleague, siblings or partner. You will motivate one another, support one another in times of weakness, and spend time pleasantly.

2. Do not be afraid to be a newbie. Remember that everyone you see at the gym once came here for the first time. Therefore, do not be ashamed if you do not know how to do something and do not be afraid of asking questions. This is really natural and no one will be surprised. Take advantage of beginners’ classes. At CityFit clubs IntroFit is organized, i.e. special introductory meetings for new people during which beginners can become familiar with club zones, equipment and principles of correct and safe use of machines and equipment.

3. Have a plan. Plan your week in advance, including all workouts in it.

“I advise my customers to assume three variants: minimum, i.e. 1-2 workouts a week, optimum – 3 workouts a week and maximum, where depending on the degree of advancement they work out 4-6 times a week. It is important that they implement at least the minimum variant each week”, says Michał Bukraba.

Combine gym workouts with outdoor workouts (jogging, cycling), thanks to which your fitness will be more diverse and you will enjoy good weather …and get tanned.

4. Select the right workout. Thanks to this you will achieve your goals faster.

“Cardio workouts, HIIT workouts and strength training are the best option for people who wish to lose weight before summer holidays. Each of them will result in burning fat tissue and improvement of physical appearance. We can choose one of them or apply them interchangeably. In each case, consistency is the key. I recommend cardio workouts for beginners, the two other forms of workouts are for more advanced people”, says a CityFit coach.

5. Do not spoil your results with the wrong diet. Both a high calorie diet and a diet when you eat too little (the body will receive a signal “we are starving” and starts to accumulate fat) are equally harmful. Eat five light meals a day. Try to be regular as this is the real key to success. Do not have long breaks. Plan your meals every 3 hours and stick to the schedule – you can set a reminder in your phone. The number of calories can be calculated using special calculators available online.

6. Take advantage of professional support.

“Support of a personal trainer is definitely the best way to achieve results in a short period of time. We cannot always afford purchasing a package of personal workouts, but sometime one consultation is sufficient during which a professional will measure the “initial condition”, determine workout goals and put together a workout plan that will help us achieve them. CityFit club members can take advantage of such consultations free of charge on every last Thursday in a given month”, adds Michał Bukraba.

7. Take the challenge and get rewards.

At the CityFit club chain we have a #cityfitsummerbody event. Club members take a special workout challenge to help them prepare their body for summer, and they can get rewards at the same time. Details are available at: www.summerbody.cityfit.pl.