The average Pole spends about 600 PLN per year on medicine. Overall, public health satisfaction ranks in the 3rd tenth of the European ranking. Every year, 30 million PLN is spent on private care, patent medicine, and supplements. Each year, this value increases by 8% (!). This is our reality.

But there’s something that can change EVERYTHING – physical activity. For many people, that doesn’t sound like a good time. There’s a very thin border between ignorance and lack of knowledge. I encourage you to read this article. Maybe you’ll realize that you don’t have to spend lots of money and time in long lines to the doctor.

The truth is that physical activity (regardless of age) is beneficial for all of our body’s organs. It stimulates our mental condition and improves our well-being. The experts – physicians, physiotherapists, physiologists – all agree that exercising is one of the most effective and – attention! – cheapest ways to take care of your health. Body exercises allow us to live independently. Although it may seem like a sensation, these facts are at least a several dozen years old…

The influence of old age on our body is commonly known. I’d like to focus on selected symptoms to make you realize that the best health investment is at your fingertips, just around the corner, at your nearest fitness club. And you don’t have to have a thick wallet – you just need an open mind and a bit of willingness to change. Oh, and about 90 minutes a week, which will be dedicated to doing so.

Cardiovascular failure – according to the Central Statistical Office, 46% of deaths in our country are caused by ischemic heart disease and its consequences – heart attack and heart failure. Exercising the “most important” muscle of our body is crucial. Oxygenating the body and strengthening the heart raises our ability to transport oxygen in the blood. Plus, it raises endurance, lowers your resting heart rate, and lengthens the time of cell vasodilation. Convection increases the volume of blood pumped through the coronary vessels. A properly adjusted endurance workout also reduces the level of triglycerides, and raises the level of “good” cholesterol, which protects our heart. It also works to reduce blood pressure. The benefits of aerobic exercise are simply incredible.

Regular exercising also increases the endurance tolerance of people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This syndrome is characterized by progressive, and not completely reversible, airflow limitations. Physical activity at an appropriate intensity gives us an adequate level of airflow in the respiratory tract.

The improvement of cardio-respiratory mechanisms affects the regulation of blood sugar levels and has a beneficial effect on our body’s resistance to insulin. This gives us one of the best preventive mechanisms against the risk of developing diabetes. People suffering from this disease are able to significantly reduce their need for medicine.

The condition of our functional system is the next issue. Over time, our muscles begin to decrease and weaken. Maximum strength is reached at the age of 30, with no change over the following two decades. At the age of 50, muscle strength starts decreasing by 15% per decade, and after 80 – even by 30% every 10 years. To put it straight – at the age of 80 our muscles are 50% smaller and weaker than when we were 30 years old.

Research shows that a 10-12 week cycle of strength and endurance training is able to stop this process, lead to an increase in muscle fiber volume, and stop our strength from decreasing. This is the minimum if we want to improve the quality of our everyday life.

More and more fitness clubs are preparing special offers for seniors – try them out! Just one workout a week brings incomparably better results than pills or supplements. Instead of wasting time standing in line to the doctor, pack your training bag and take matters into your own hands. Regular visits to the are the best, but certainly most undervalued way to stop aging. We can’t avoid time passing by – but we can prepare for it. Give it a try, and don’t ever say that you’re too old for fitness!