“New year, new me!” – that’s what almost everyone says around the new year. The media, magazines, and pretty much everything tell us that this time, we’ll pull it off. Although you can start making changes to your life at any time, there’s just something magical about a new calendar year – it’s when we close a chapter in our lives, examining our conscience and setting new goals which, this time, we will accomplish. Some of the most common resolutions include the desire to slim down and stop smoking. With a new year around the corner, we often want to start working out, change our jobs, ask for a raise, find some more time for friends and family, take care and focus on improving ourselves. However, it’s sad that statistically speaking only 8% of people stick to their new year’s resolutions.

Did you know that the number of club members increases by around 1/3 in most fitness clubs in January? Around 25% of them stop going to the gym after the first week, 29% after 2 weeks, 36% after a month, and the remaining 50% after 6 months. As a result, 92% of new year’s resolutions end up as another failure (University of Scranton). I’m writing about this in mid-January on purpose, so you can realize at what level your current enthusiasm is. For some reason, you’ve joined our fitness club or another gym with the intent to start a healthy lifestyle. We want to help you in accomplishing your fit new year’s goals.

So, how should we approach new year’s resolutions so that we don’t lose enthusiasm right at the beginning? And most importantly, how do we stick our new year’s resolution?
Know what you want!

Take a look at your new year’s resolution and answer these questions: Why this resolution? What made you want to live an active lifestyle? Is the resolution guided by your emotions? Is this what you really need?

A lot of people instinctively take on new year’s resolutions because they follow the opinions of others. We copy common resolutions which are rather typical – following the trend that taking on new year’s resolutions is cool. We like to do what others do. We think that’s how it should be. Maybe our partner suggested that it’s time we lose weight/bulk up, so we ‘re trying to follow his or her suggestions.

STOP! That won’t work!

To accomplish a goal, you have to do it for yourself. Stop following others’ expectations. Sit down and listen to the inner you. What would YOU like to change? Do you feel good with yourself? If not, what would make you feel better? What are YOUR New Year’s resolutions? Not your partner’s, your family’s, friends’, or boss’. It has to be your own, personal goal.

Everything should be done in moderation

We live very fast in the 21st century. Everywhere we go, somebody expects something from us. At home, work, in our circle of friends. We have responsibilities everywhere. We’re overloaded and have little time for ourselves. Don’t let New Year’s resolutions take away your will to get up in the morning. It’s great that you want to change something, but it doesn’t have to be everything at once. Set yourself 3 goals that you want to focus on and hold on to this year. If you expect too much from yourself, you condemn yourself to failure right from the start. Small successes are what motivate us to go on – not the small failures we have in various areas of our lives.

Clearly define your goal

Do you already know what you want? Great! The next step is to clearly define your goal. Don’t use general statements, like “I want to slim down” – that doesn’t mean anything specific. Set specific numbers and time boundaries. If you want to start working out regularly, define your expectations towards yourself: in the year 2017, I will train 3 times a week. If you work out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you’ll be able to easily spot that you missed a training day. Remember that your goals have to be possible, measurable and time-bound. Do you want to slim down? Great! So, set yourself a goal that, for example, by 30th of March you’ll lose 6 kg in a healthy way. Reasonable time periods make it easier to get motivated to work hard.

When formulating New Year’s resolutions avoid using expressions like “I’ll try” because if you do use them, you consider failure an option. Replace them with “I’ll do it”, “I’ll accomplish it”, “I’ll change it”. These are very strong expressions that will help you believe that this time, you’ll pull it off. Remember to feed your inner winner. Everybody has someone like that. Kick the inner faultfinder out and replace him with a confident version of yourself.

Make a plan!

None of the biggest deals, businesses, or events could have been possible without a carefully prepared plan – and the same goes for new year’s resolutions. To put it simply, planning on losing 10 kg, starting a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly isn’t enough. If you really want to succeed, you should sit down and think about how you’re going to do it. Think about what accomplishing the goal will do for you, how you will feel and look when you finally reach your goal. Can you see it? Fantastic! So now, make a plan. How do you want to do it? Your dream is to lose 10 kg in 6 months. How many times a week will you work out? What sport will you take up? What about a diet? Who will support you? These little things will make your goal more possible to accomplish.

Support is key

It’s easier to hold on to your new year’s resolutions if you have the support of those close to you – someone that will not only motivate you to act upon your goals, but will also remind you of your goals if necessary. If you want to start training regularly, it’s a good idea to start going to the gym with a friend. It can be your partner, a friend, or a parent. By working out together, not only can you cheer each other on, but also strengthen your relationship by spending time with each other. After a while, you may find out that the gym, a place you never liked, is now a fantastic place where you feel like at home.

Do you want to lose weight? Tell your family and friends about your new goal. Ask them to watch over you, remind you about the goal and support you in moments of crisis – because those happen to everybody. What’s more is that if you tell somebody about your resolutions, you’ll feel even more obligated to accomplish them.


Approach your New Year’s resolutions with a good attitude. Think about the benefits related to them. Many people assume that if they want to slim down or start working out regularly, they’ll have to sacrifice enormous amounts of things to do so, and that’s a mistake. Your diet doesn’t have to be boring, and physical activity doesn’t have to be associated with pain and suffering. Choose what’s best for you and gives you satisfaction. Find a fitness club that won’t put a time limit on you. CityFit has the advantage of being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays. Thus, you don’t have to stress that you’ll be late for your workout, or that you have to postpone your plan because of the holidays. Choose a type of activity that suits you best – fitness classes, cardio, functional training, swimming, or dancing. Anything that brings you joy. Be passionate about what you do. After a while, you’ll discover that accomplishing your new year’s resolutions is actually really fun.

Challenge yourself!

Taking part in various challenges is a good idea for additional motivation. Challenges are everywhere – on Facebook, sports websites, magazines. To keep up with my workouts while having a million other responsibilities on my mind, I took my friend’s challenge and joined the “150 trainings in 2017” group. It’s really great, and the members motivate and support each other. Nothing works better than being in a group of people with a similar goal to ours. You should definitely take the little challenges too! Our fitness clubs offer FitQuest for form testing: check your progress and measure your results regularly – even the tiniest successes have a great impact on our subconscious minds.

Reward yourself

Schedule each of your new year’s resolutions. Break your goals down into small tasks. You promised you’d lose 16 kg in a year? Seems ambitious. You can plan that you’ll lose 3 kg in January, 2 kg in February, maintain what you’ve accomplished through the summer, and so on. Reward yourself for each accomplished mini-goal in a proper way. Be good to yourself and observe your successes – it really works!

Expand your knowledge

Sticking to a new year’s resolution is much easier if we have some knowledge to back us up. For example: do you want to lose weight, work out regularly? Great! Look into the subject! Search for knowledge and information that will make the challenge easier. Do you like cooking? Browse for tasty and fit recipes on the Internet. Are you just starting sports? Look for some information about different types of training and training schedules. Find exercises for the body parts you particularly want to train. Perhaps you want to support your training with supplementation? The more you know, the easier the training. Plus, expanding your knowledge means further improving yourself, and that’s what life’s all about, right?

Don’t give up!

Remember, everyone fails. If you get off the right track from time to time, it’s not a reason to quit on the spot. Get a grip and go fight for your goal! You can do it! Remember that there are 365 days in 2017 to change our life for the better. You missed a few? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of chances left!

New year’s resolutions don’t automatically mean making huge sacrifices, as long as we’re properly prepared. To be honest, I motivated myself by just writing this article. It can all be so easy. All you have to do is to set your mind straight, have a plan, expand your knowledge, seek support, and be understanding of yourself. Then, all the rest will come around. Set a realistic goal pursued by taking small steps, one at a time, and within a year you’ll see that your fit resolutions have become a regular, enjoyable part of your everyday life. Plus, you’ll be motivated by the measurable benefits you’ll get by fulfilling your fit resolutions, like having a good mood, nice skin, more energy and friends, and a change in your habits. Sounds great, right?

And if you’re just starting your adventure with the gym and want to do it the right way, without giving up, buy our IntroPack while signing up for the club. It’s a pass that includes not only a monthly membership with an entry fee, but also an hour with a personal trainer who’ll show you the right way to exercise and help you get started in the gym world. Remember that at CityFit, you can always count on the help of our Gym Assistants and the management staff – physical activity is our passion. We were all beginners at some point, and just like you, we have our own fit new year’s resolutions too. We’re here for you during our working hours. Visit our website at www.cityfit.pl for more information.