I created my personal (subjective) list of well- and less-well-thought out decisions made by fitness beginners. I wanted to make it interesting and funny, but believe me – it is serious.


Energy drinks during workouts

Imagine a piece of paper and a nugget of coal. Now light a match and place it underneath each of them. The paper burns first, right? Our body is similar. You’ll never burn the coal nugget (fat), if you keep burning paper (energy drinks – sugar). That’s that.

Pricey supplements

Sometimes they can cost an arm and a leg! But you have to be smart and think which products you really need and which ones are just well-advertised.

Muscle soreness – an indication of progress

Long story short, muscle soreness is similar to an inflammatory condition. You don’t go to work, if you have a fever. Take a day off. The sores will pay off!

Pressing 100 kg instead of doing 20 push-ups.

Would you like that? It will be better, and you’ll make more progress if you learn how to control your own body weight. Relative strength is the key.

The more the better

That’s what your motivation is telling you from the very beginning. The same motivation will vanish in a couple of weeks. Try to control it ?


Pay a specialist = pay for experience (and knowledge)

Do you think that when you pay a trainer, you pay just for the hour he spends with you? No, you pay for his knowledge, studies, courses, and experience. It’s up to you how much of these you will take advantage of.

Fitness = cardio

Do you lack motivation to do some cardio exercises? Is the gym bike too boring, or the elliptical trainer too complicated? Then, sign up to a fitness class! Most of the trainings have a perfect intensity similar to a cardio workout.


If you plan almost everything – your job, vacations, meetings, lunches, dinners, holidays – why not find some time and put regular trainings in your schedule? A minimum of 2 hours per week (e.g. 2 x 1 h or 3 x 40 min).

2 liters of water

Only one liter at work/school (5 glasses, 5 breaks between classes) and one at the gym and you’ll see how many benefits there are from simply drinking water.

A 30-minute workout is enough

Don’t give up! If you plan your time well, you’ll do the bare minimum to stay in shape! More tips soon on the CityFit blog.