They say that he is one of the most iconic members of CityFit Lublin. Always smiling, helpful and cheerful. Almost everyone at the club knows him and every time he visits the club, there is no end to high five’s.

Stanisław started training in September 2015 and has visited CityFit Lublin almost every day since then – not only to embrace his healthy lifestyle, but also… for pretty girls! He always spends 90 minutes training. His exercises concentrate on all parts of his body, but his favorite exercise is focusing on biceps.

In his spare time, except for training, Stanisław is carving and drawing. Ideas for next sculpture come up when he finds an interesting piece of wood, branch or twisted root. Inspired by shape created by nature, he knows exactly what he will turn them into.

He appreciates CityFit not only for good location, which allows him to set up his training plan at any time of day – or night – but also the fact that he meets a group of cordial and friendly people at the club.