CityFit Idol - Grzegorz Zieliński
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CityFit IDOL

Each CityFit club is full of heroes. Among them are true idols who inspire and motivate others. It’s not only about their sports achievements. Personality, engagement, positive attitude and passion are also important. Learn more about them!


Grzegorz Zieliński


Award-winning bodybuilder, security worker, council man of Gdansk’s district Brzeźno. Though involved in sports for ages, he became a bodybuilder in his 40s. Grzegorz is a wonderful example that is never too late to start, and that returning to form could be amazing.

His adventure with sport began just after the army. He opened his first gym, which he equipped himself by handing and wielding all its equipment. Inspiration and knowledge came from the bodybuilding magazines that the sailors had brought. Portowiec Club is still functioning today and is the oldest gym in Gdansk.

Over the years he trained and prepared the players who are Europe and the world champions, but his career as a bodybuilder began in his 40s. And with what effect! Today he has the title of European Champion and Bodybuilding Champion of Poland in the 60-65 age category.