CityFit Idol - Ela Benducka
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CityFit IDOL

Each CityFit club is full of heroes. Among them are true idols who inspire and motivate others. It’s not only about their sports achievements. Personality, engagement, positive attitude and passion are also important. Learn more about them!


Ela Benducka

Warsaw Targówek

Tax advisor, tax office owner and certified diving instructor. Organizes her time perfectly, every few weeks going to explore another underwater world! And she brakes world records by the way!

Ela has been diving for over 20 years, in 2000 she set a record of Poland as the second woman in the world diving to a depth of 137 m.

But that’s not the end! In 2012 she dived to a depth of 191 m (that’s almost Palace of Culture and Science height!) thus becoming the deepest diving Polish woman. She also belongs to an elite group of female instructors certified by the world’s diving organizations. 

Her experience was appreciated by Nuno Gomez – a world record holder in technical diving. Ela was a security diver in his team while diving to a record depth of 318 meters.

She shares her passion and shows others how to do it properly and safely. Also, organizes training and expeditions.


More about her passion you will find on her website