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Please note that: The cost of all classes is included in the price of your pass!

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  • Białystok Zielone Wzgórza

    Galeria Zielone Wzgórze, ul. Wrocławska 20

  • Bielsko-Biała Park Karpacka


  • Chorzów AKS

    Centrum handlowe AKS, ul. Parkowa 20

  • Cracow Principio

    Principio, ul. Armii Krajowej 25

  • Gdańsk


  • Katowice

    12 Rynek str.

  • Lublin

    26 Spółdzielczości Pracy Avenue

  • Rzeszów

    65 Tadeusza Rejtana AVENUE

  • Wałbrzych Galeria Victoria

    64, 1st May Str.

  • Warsaw Rondo ONZ

    TWARDA 18

  • Warsaw Rondo Wiatraczna

    Galeria Rondo Wiatraczna, Grochowska 207

  • Warsaw Targówek

    13 Głębocka Str.

  • Wrocław
  • Wrocław The Old Town

    Szewska 3a

  • Wrocław Wroclavia

    CH Wroclavia, Sucha 1

Popular classes

  • Indoor/virtual cycling

    Get on the tomahawk exercise bike and work on your fitness

    If you know the basics of riding a bike and want to develop your skills, that’s all it takes. A high fat burning ratio guaranteed!

  • Healthy back

    Fight negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle

    One hour of classes will relieve back pain and strengthen your postural muscles. Come even if you have only started your adventure with CityFit!

  • Tabata

    An ideal form of training for people who like to give 100% all the time

    Intense exercise with short breaks and the maximum number of repeats. You finish with soft stretches to relieve muscle tension. The result? Visible!

  • City Pump

    Start using weights and increase your power

    Our trainers will help you choose the right weight and show the correct way to exercise. You will feel power after such a training, and the fat will burn as long as 12 hours!

Please note that:


You do not pay any extra fee for group classes in our club! Their cost is included in the price of your package!

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